Over the years we have had the pleasure of working with many esteemed artists. We wish to express our gratitude to each. Some of them are featured below:

The Master of Impossibilities
Illusionist, Escape Wizard, Slapstick Mime, Song & Dance Man, Banjo, Concertina, Guitar
Jeff ElsassJeff Elsass(Bio)
Choreographer, Dancer, Coach, Singer
Bob LeiveLooney Uncle Bob Leive(Bio)
Trumpets, Triumphal Horns, Piano, Comedy Slapstick Singing & Dancing
Charles GoddertzCharles Goddertz(Bio)
Choreographer, Dance Coach
Joe MuranyiGrouching Joe Muranyi(Bio)
Clarinet, Vocals
Bruce McNicholsBruce McNichols(Bio)
Banjo, Soprano Sax, Vocals, Comedy, Band Leader
Joe ExleyJoe Exley(Bio)
Henry NewbergerCrazy Henry Newberger(Bio)
Piano, Trombone, Tuba, Vocals, Wisecracks
Stephanie Berghash SnowStephanie Berghash Snow, M.S.Ed., N.Y.S. Cert.(Bio)
Folk Singer, Song Writer, Storyteller, Coach
Jose Ramos SantanaJose Ramos Santana, M.M.(Bio)
Pianist, Coach
Michael ArenellaMichael Arenella(Bio)
Trombone, Sousaphone, Arranger
Saul RosenfeldSaul Rosenfeld(Bio)
Pianist, Coach
No Image AvailableDavid Christian Azarow(Bio)
Composer, Orchestrator
No Image AvailableErnie Lumer(Bio)
No Image AvailableThe Mad Hatter Jack Davis(Bio)
Bass Trombo