Benefits & Deliverables

9 Primary Program Deliverables for our Youth and Frail Elderly:

  1. Strengthen problem-solving & critical thinking skills
  2. Prevent homelessness & run-a-ways
  3. Deliver alternative approaches in academic learning
  4. Increase physiological, cognitive & immune support
  5. Stimulate the imagination, creativity & self esteem
  6. Practice leadership, team-building & social group work skills
  7. Develop multicultural diversity & gender sensitive tolerance
  8. Grow personal & professional skills for careers & entrepreneurship
  9. Build peaceful community

There is a common thread of need shared by children living with AIDS and other critical or terminal illness such as cancer; mothers, fathers and children languishing in New York City’s homeless shelters and foster care systems; frail elderly in nursing homes; and youth from low income families struggling through New York City’s under-resourced public schools.  These populations —all served through Portals Of Wonder performances, arts education, therapeutic & staff development programs– all share a need for inspiration.

Many suffer from depression and low self-esteem that affect their ability to feel connected to others, overcome barriers, excel in school, experience joy and lead productive lives that contribute to the community.

Portals Of Wonder increases the capacity for inspiration, wonder and hope amongst people facing critical illness as well as economically disadvantaged youth and the staff working with these populations through the following programs.  We bring these programs to people who would not ordinarily be able to afford, or have access to them.

Our programs for children and youth in schools, hospitals, homeless shelters and foster care settings are not only joyous and entertaining, they raise the immune system for the ill, and provide educational tools that help ensure academic,  social and emotional development.