Historic House Museum, Multimedia Educational Research Library and Collection

The Board of Trustees is proud to announce the successful capital and archival campaigns totaling over one million dollars to date in restoration, archiving and renovations which has saved the Historic House Museum, Multimedia Educational Research Library and Collection from over a half million dollars in damages endured from the worst national storm disaster to hit New York, Hurricane Sandy.

Following earlier losses of Portals Of Wonder’s theater programs due to the World Trade Center 9/11 tragedy, this most recent loss in property and physical health came immediately following the first half million dollars raised and used for archiving, restoration and property renovations. All gains would have been lost by the damages of the consecutive storms Hurricanes Irene and Sandy, were it not for the dilligent and heroic actions of volunteer leaders including Laurice, Janice Williams and Jim Petrassi among others.

This successful re-emergence was accomplished while development of Laurice’s Adventures of a Wizard stage and screen plays, book and music publishing and more continued incrementally in the face of these overwhelming national disasters.

At any given moment, the light shines through the stained-glass playing among the shadows within the sacred study – a small, mystical room trimmed in century-old chestnut and filled with Jungian and Depth Psychological, Kabbalistic and mystical works upon the fireplace mantle and in bookcases among works of Hebraic calligraphy and Biblical themes and legends, revealing a new mystery. It is sprinkled throughout with delightful reminders of the Laurice family’s contribution to Broadway and Hollywood Vaudeville, magic, Yiddish theater, operatta and more. Over the years up to the current day, many individuals have sought cultural, creative, spiritual and artistic learning and inspiration at the historic house museum, its educational research library and collection containing over 250,000 items dating to 1836.

Available by invitation and not open to the public due to its cozy and delicate condition, the little historic house museum surrounded by its magic rose garden, has hosted warm and intimate candle lit music concerts, magical demonstrations, opportunities for personal insight and reflection time, cultural arts workshops and creative experiences, and occasional dinners for guests.

Those seeking coaching and management consultation for personal, professional, organizational and business development have found this fascinating yet little known “peace of paradise hidden in the middle of New York City”, as one member of the United Nations diplomatic corps remarked, an unexpectedly personal and professionally enhancing and invaluable experience.

Customized one on one coaching, consultations and pioneering educational insights are available for individuals, families and small groups, professionals, businesses, organizations and staff trainings.