Animal Friends & Education

sheeba1Sheeba Jewel, who children call ‘the baby lassie’, is a sparkling and beautiful Sheltie who brings love to children and elderly.

Sheeba’s role is a significant one. Her beauty, gentleness, astute sensitivity, grace, intelligence, obedience and adorable antics encourage educational interaction for children in crisis and frail elders suffering from stroke, Alzheimer’s, depression and other health issues.

She also is a performance sheltie and loves to perform tricks and participate in magic and comedy routines in programming for children and elders in need. She brings calmness, peace, and laughter to anxiety-ridden individuals and a concentrated attentiveness that brightens lonely hearts. Sheeba has had a significant impact in elevating levels of joy, raising immune systems and impacting the social group work environment.

Sheeba with Santa Claus and her mommy, Sandra Nordgren (right), after a holiday parade in New York.

sheeba3Sheeba was rescued at seven months old by her Mommy, Sandra Nordgren, former Executive Director of Portals Of Wonder, and they have been together ever since. Sandra and the Portals Of Wonder family encourage people of all ages to adopt and rescue animals of all sorts and ages – especially dogs and cats.

Now, from the New York City Metro Area to the San Francisco Bay area, Sheeba is greeted with cheers and laughter whenever she makes an appearance at hospitals, schools, homeless shelters, old age homes and theaters.

sheeba2She was followed by news media and throngs of children as she headed the 78th Police Pct, Community Council sponsored parade for the National Night Out Against Crime. Dixieland jazz music and song for the parade were provided by Portals Of Wonder. The parade was attended by police, elected officials including Senator Carl Andrews, business leaders and families who marched along with Sheeba through the streets of Brooklyn, New York.

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Sheeba’s Story [by her Mommy]

Sheeba was a neglected pup who lived in a tiny room for the first six months of her life. Her owner loved her, but broke his back right after buying her and could not take care of her. For the first six months of her life, she had never been outside. [Editor: Sandra Nordgren lovingly rescued Sheeba just as she was to be removed and possibly end up in a shelter. They have been together ever since.]

So, when she finally ventured into the world, with the help of someone who loved her, she was a very frightened little girl. She was nurtured through her fears; never being forced to face them. Slowly, through loving guidance and reassurance, those fears were replaced with confidence and joy. She is a great giver of happiness, companionship and love.

Sheeba is a great teacher and healer.

  1. Sheeba teaches that all living beings, whether human or animal, have differences and each need to be met with respect for those differences. Children learn that if Sheeba is nervous right now, or sad, or tired, etc. that she is fine just the way she is. By realizing this and respecting this, they realize that their differences are okay too.
  2. Sheeba teaches that it is okay to be joyous and happy all the time. She LOVES to play and can do that 24 hours a day. She says “that’s my job!”
  3. Sheeba teaches children to care for animals and each other and how important being together as a pack is (how important the family is).
  4. Sheeba takes joy in learning and wants to learn as much as she possibly can.
  5. Sheeba teaches kindness.
  6. Sheeba always enlivens and brightens the atmosphere. She has funny obsessions and funny ways of doing things.
  7. Sheeba teaches unconditional love by being unconditionally loving.
  8. Sheeba teaches the importance of the interdependency and interconnectedness of all things. She is a connection to the flow of life.
  9. Sheeba teaches responsibility.
  10. Sheeba teaches that feelings are okay to have because her feelings are pure and spontaneous.
  11. Sheeba teaches the loving ways of the heart. She has no judgment the way humans do. She is not critical.
  12. Sheeba wants to please her loved ones all of the time.
  13. Sheeba doesn’t get upset if she makes mistakes. She enjoys being with people and always stays in the present moment.

To watch the sun shining on her and the breeze lifting her fur… takes my breath away.