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A riviting and evocative one-of-a-kind experience for social gatherings, special and corporate events, meetings, community building, organizational development and management consultations.

Exciting programs and packages within your budget are custom developed for you based upon highlights from Laurice’s Adventures of a Wizard. These include theatrical immersives, production-concerts, and fascinating evenings of enchantment through informal talks peppered with mini-performance demonstrations and audience Q&A discussion formats with video clips and slide shows, live musicians, and more.

Laurice’s message is that all of us, from mid life professional adults to disadvantaged youth to elders thrive with an inspiring message of hope, perseverance and determination, equipped with practical tools for change and transformation, and shared joyful experiences of wonder. These tools and experiences build and anchor us in nurturing community, point a way to enriching life’s meaning and help us envision making our dreams reality.

Illustrating Laurice’s message and vision through breath-taking magic, daring escape artistry, uplifting and powerful musical moments, slapstick comedy and other arts from the fine, theatrical, healing and metaphysical spectrum, his team custom produces featured presentations ranging from informal talks, cultural and educational programs to production concerts and immersive theatricals that entertain, inspire, build community and help attendees deepen insights and purpose for those served.

Exciting Informal Talks on the 5,000 year old Family Legacy of
Mystical Magician Priests and Great Wizards Behind
Laurice’ Adventures of a Wizard.

Based on the real Laurice family, fascinating legends and heart-touching story are peppered with live mini-performance demonstrations of magic, music, mime, myth and tale from the golden age of Broadway and Hollywood Vaudeville, featuring spontaneous special guest appearances of Laurice and Friends in glamorous Edwardian wardrobe and costume, accompanied by live musicians [choose from a pianist to a Ragtime Orchestra], dancers and comedic actors.

The fine, performing, healing arts are explored as metaphoric expression that provides insight into our inner and outer realms – from the physical to the metaphysical.

Video clips and slide shows provide glimpses of the Laurice family legacy including breath taking, world record making death defying escapes, daring feats, and visits inside the wizard’s real sacred study to discover rare 19th century theatrical family photographs, heirlooms and stunningly beautiful Holocaust era artwork of Hebraic Caligraphy, mystic Kabbalah Rabbi’s, Biblical themes and legends, Little Ole New York from the Bay to Coney Island, critically acclaimed by the New York Times and the Art Digest, and not seen by the public in almost 70 years.

Brief exploration of the family’s pioneering model of Jung’s Psychology, Creativity and Social Group Work, and the fascinating inter-relationships and interdisciplinary approaches of Jewish Mysticism and the Kabbalah, Archetypal Shadow Work, Creative and Visionary Process, Quantum Physics and Synchronicity, Microbiological and Neurological maps compared with the map of the Psyche, the Personal and Professional Differentiation of the Self, and the family’s journey toward Individuation and search for meaning in the face of historical disasters, pogroms, the Holocaust and technocracy are touched upon, including great influences from Einstein, Tesla, Campbell and Jung, to Houdini, Astaire, Chaplin, Luria, Moses and more.

Powerful, poignant and enchanting moments – from the sublime to the slapstick circus, are evoked.

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Laurice’s Adventures of a Wizard
Customized Immersives

Customized Laurice’s Adventures of a Wizard Immersives provide insights for attendees into their own personal and professional journey towards differentiation of Self. Tools, methods and materials essential for conscious, individuated growth and empowerment of individuals, groups and the betterment of the corporations and organizations they influence, are employed with the power of Jungian depth insights, the mystical, enchantingly magical moments and the numinous for those who wish to experience and infuse joy and wonder into their environment and community outreach, from niche markets and their influencers, to senior level decision makers and other stake holders.

The pioneering Immersives project is based upon Laurice’s family tradition of developing and producing customized shows and events, community building cultural arts education workshops and therapeutic programs anchored in a numinous environmental ambiance are designed to bring hope, wonder, joy and inspiration into lives, and encourages us to, “Follow your true voice, know that you are ‘good enough’ as you are, and you will be guided to overcome all odds; Dare to do the impossible with integrity, because you deserve to live the life of your dreams, and your life will inspire others.”

Presentations and packages are custom designed to provide insight and reflection into the personal and professional differentiation of Self essential for the growth and empowerment of individuals and the betterment of the organizations they influence, for those who wish to experience and infuse joy and wonder in their living moments.

Informed with the power of Jungian depth insights, individuals, groups and organizations reignite the mystical and the numinous back into their personal and professional lives, environment and communal outreach, from niche markets and their influencers to senior level decision makers, co-workers, family and friends, inspiring both past and next generations, working together.

Customized production-concerts and theatrical immersives featuring highlights from Laurice’s Adventures of a Wizard are created for special events, organizational development and management consultation packages. These products and packages are created to illuminate hidden insights and psychological depth pespectives that lend meaning behind Kabbalistic, archetypal and mytho-poetic themes, symbols, story and tale found in Laurice’s Adventures of Wizard and their application to our lives.

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Corporate sponsorships are available for theatrical productions and personal appearances.

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Custom-Designed Performance-Workshop-Seminars

Portals Of Wonder’s custom-designed performance-workshop-seminars are designed to build personal and professional Self, to enhance self-worth, to help professionals discover new insights in support of their clients, to enhance purpose and meaning in their work, to heal disenfranchisement and to build community. Portals Of Wonder customized programs train and empower professionals who work with at-risk populations, equipping them with skills to better serve their clients. For those in social service or educational administration, workshops provide exciting staff development, motivation and communication techniques.

Workshops and seminars are customized with Portals Of Wonder’s communication and creativity techniques that are anchored in social group work methods and materials, based upon Morton Mintz’s pioneering model, Jung’s Psychology, Creativity and Social Group Work.

A Case Example for Educational and Social Service Organizations:
Portals Of Wonder’s foster care holiday program in Germany
achieved an usual 100% runaway prevention success rate,
and a return-to-school score of 100% in post-holiday break evaluations.
– Reported by Social Services, Foster Care Division, German Government.

This track record, together with successful programs in New York area schools, led the Independent Living Resource Center, at Hunter College Graduate School of Social Work, to engage Portals Of Wonder to develop what became a highly praised staff training for foster care workers. This custom-designed program provide skills to develop stronger links between workers and their youth. These links often make the difference in preventing youth in foster care from falling into homelessness, drugs, and despair while reinforcing healing from trauma, social-emotional development of self-care system, academic achievement and entrepreneurial skills that help prepare for a brighter future ahead.

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