The Initiative for Integrative Jungian Psychology & Creativity

The Initiative for Integrative Jungian Psychology & Creativity at Portals Of Wonder offers customized creativity workshops and individual life coaching consultations, which include an emphasis on:

– Creativity
– Dream work
– Archetypes
– Fairy Tales
– Mandalas
– Synchronicity
– Shadow work
– Spirituality
– Archetypal Music
– Active Imagination

Customized creativity workshops include inspirational themes, such as:

– Creative Magic in Theater
– Music and Transformation
– Magic In Psychotherapy
– Human Rights in Art
– Mandalas in Nature
– The Ancient Shaman in Modern Healing
– Psychological Aspects of Clowning
– Images of Nature in Impressionist Art
– The Artist’s Journey Toward Self-Actualization
– Animal Spirit Guides from Ancient to Modern Times
– Great Escape Artists from Moses to Houdini
– The Psychology of Romantic Love in Classic Literature
– Jung’s Psychology, Creativity, and Social Group Work
– Using Magic, Music, Mime & Myth to Build Self-Esteem

These are co-facilitated workshops, where we are honored to walk with you on your journey of self-discovery and creative expression.