Mainstage Performances

Main Stage Performances combine the elements of all of our other programs to feature the development and production of new musicals, plays and adaptations of classics.

Some of our productions range from the critically acclaimed adaptation of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, to the new, world premier, fun-filled magical-musical extravaganza, Adventures of a Wizard – the book musical revue inspired by the traditions of the Golden era of vaudeville and Broadway.

Our Main Stage Performances provide a creative educational opportunity for the talents of children, frail elderly and youth who perform side-by-side with our master artists – their mentors.

Children write and perform the heart of their personal story in a vaudeville styled “act” that captures their essence and what is personally meaningful for them. Youth learn professional, creative and communication skills, self-expression and presentation, leadership and teamwork. Their creative talents are honored by the appreciation of a live audience in a social group work based community setting increasing self-esteem, academic skills, social development and entrepreneurial discipline. This paves the way to meaningful future jobs and forms the basis of a healthy, productive and fulfilling life.

Each program provides morals, values, role models and social insights that connect audience members to each other and build community.   Portals Of Wonder Main Stage audiences and workshop participants receive more than just first-class entertainment, they contribute interactively and engage in the comedy, music, sing-a-longs, dance, magic and other elements of the show.