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Adventures Of A Wizard is a Broadway style magical musical extravaganza for the general public. It helps raise funds for the Portals Of Wonder foundation, the volunteer-driven, 501(c)3 charitable not-for-profit that has brought magic, mime, music and myth to over 10,000 children facing critical illness such as AIDS and cancer, impoverished and homeless youth, and to frail elderly since 1999.


“I have rarely seen the amount of enthusiasm and EXCITEMENT from the children
who attended your programs.”
–Antonio Rodriguez, Recreation Director,
N.Y.C. Department of Homeless Services


Adventures of a Wizard and the Portals Of Wonder foundation were created and developed by world record holding escape artist, Laurice, and his creative team that includes fellow luminaries from Broadway and Hollywood, as well as other volunteers from medicine, social work, education and law.

Laurice’s message is that disadvantaged youth need an inspiring message of hope, perseverance and determination anchored in nurturing community, to point a way to making their dreams reality. Illustrating Laurice’s message and vision through breath-taking magic, daring escape artistry, and other arts, his team produces cultural programs that build community and deepen life’s meaning and purpose for those served. This pioneering project based upon his family tradition, encourages us to, “Follow your true voice and you will be guided to overcome all odds; Dare to do the impossible with integrity, because you deserve to live the life of your dreams, and your life will inspire others.”

From Laurice’s Adventures of a Wizard, we also create smaller customized arts education workshops and therapeutic programs in theaters, schools, places of worship, hospitals, homeless shelters and other non-traditional settings. Shows, arts education workshops and therapeutic programs are designed to bring hope, wonder, joy and inspiration into lives that may have lost it.

Customized production-concerts and theatrical immersives featuring highlights from Laurice’s Adventures of a Wizard are created for special events, organizational development and management consultation packages. These products and packages are created to illuminate the hidden insights and psychological depth meaning behind the Kabbalistic, archetypal and mytho-poetic themes, symbols, story and tale.

Laurice’s Adventures of a Wizard immersive provides insights for attendees into their own personal and professional journey towards differentiation of Self. Essential tools are used for the growth and empowerment of individuals and the betterment of the corporations they influence, as well as for those who wish to experience and infuse joy and wonder together with the power of Jungian depth insights, the mystical, enchantingly magical and the numinous into their environment and community outreach, from niche markets and their influencers to senior level decision makers and other stake holders. Please call us to discuss a customized program for your event, group or organization.

Additional programs and services we have provided include free or low cost social work and mental health services and referrals on a case by case basis, the development of the Laurice Family Historic House Museum, and the Multi-Media Educational Research Library and Collection, to inspire the next generation.

To learn more about our work, please click on pages such as Programs, News and others… We welcome Your support of our expanding work and welcome You to Portals Of Wonder.