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The Hero / Heroine Journey

The Sage – Wisdom Woman – Wise Wizard

Personal Story and Myth Creation on Your Journey of Individuation
Jungian-Informed Holistic Life Coaching

Educational, Spiritual, Transpersonal and Energy Psychology Counseling

Emotional Freedom Technique — Dream and Shadow Work — Creativity and the Complexes

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We will walk beside you on a transformative journey using depth insights and creative inspiration.Show More

    Mental and physical healthcare consultants, coaches and speakers, and ongoing social group work based cultural arts and community building programs are available separately and in custom packages. Please see below and in the menu of exciting options!

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    The Portals Of Wonder Experience
    Presentations & Programs Customized For YOU!

    Highlights from Laurice’s Adventures of a Wizard are featured in
    Production Concerts
    Speaking Engagements

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    Lecture Performance Demonstrations
    with Audience Q & A and Educational Workshops are created for:
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    Team Building
    Organizational Development
    CEO & Management Consultation Packages

    Human Transformation Illuminated

    These entertaining and educational productions and packages are created to illuminate the hidden insights and psychological depth meaning behind and inside the archetypal, Kabbalistic, metaphysical mystical adventure and mytho-poetic themes, symbols, story and tale in the Laurice’s Adventures of a Wizard series [see audio and video links below].

    The Laurice’s Adventures of a Wizard Immersive provides fascinating insights for attendees into their own personal and professional journey towards what one of the four founders of Depth Psychology, Dr. C.G. Jung, M.D., called the differentiation of Self in the Individuation Process.

    Part of this is the Hero/Heroine Journey that Joseph Campbell spoke of, revealing a way to conscious healthy Show More

    recovery of early attachments combined with the mystery of Shadow integration, as Laurice’s father Morty, put it, “the everything we are not”.   As part of this mystery path of archetypal family patterning passed down for generations, we each in some way live the un-lived lives of our parents, grandparents and great-grandparents.   As we prepared for the next cycle or second half of life, we enter into the wisdom of the Elder. This process helps us consciously claim and use the archetypal power of Shamanic healer, Wisdom Woman, the Wizard in us all, learning to heal the world without and within, ourselves and others around us, one step at a time. 

    Through the Portals Of Wonder Experience, which centers around a pioneering combination of Adventures of a Wizard and the Initiative for Integrative Jungian Psychology and Creativity, essential methods and materials developed by generations of the Laurice family are brought forth for proven growth and empowerment of individuals, couples,  families, groups, communities and the betterment of the organizations they influence in a warm and inviting, old world ambiance and sanctuary.

    The process of individuation is about finding and accepting your Self with compassion, letting go of attachments, becoming related to the feminine and embracing greater conscious oneness with Mother Earth, as we are all essentially one with the universe. That is the essence of what Einstein, Jung, Pauli, Tesla and other great wizards have brought us in our day: finding the g-d / g-ddess within. As it is within, so it is outside around us.  Protecting Mother Earth and Reclaiming Eden is the key to our time.

    Laurice’s Adventures of a Wizard [through the Portals Of Wonder Experience] provides illuminating presentations, especially engaging for those who wish to experience and infuse joy and wonder together with the power of Jungian psychological depth insights, the mystical, enchantingly magical and the numinous into their personal and professional lives, environment, community and outreach – from mom’s and pop’s, niche markets, influencers and participants to senior level decision makers, B2C, and other stake holders – we walk with you to grow and hold and connect you to your strengths and developing gifts.

    Separate yet related is the commercial extension for theatrical and media productions of Laurice’s live venue stage, exhibitions, television and film.  More information is available at

    “POWERFUL!…Performance art married to human transformation”

    – Jean Houston, Ph.D., Consultant to U.S. President Carter, UNICEF, Margaret Mead, Joseph Campbell; Foundation for Mind Research



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    Adventures Of A Wizard TM

    is a mystical magical musical extravaganza for the general public on the backdrop of the Golden Age of Broadway and Hollywood Vaudeville.     HEAR Laurice’s Adventures of a Wizard Vaudeville Jazz music, joy and laughter live at The United States Supreme Court in New York.      Click below:

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    Portals Of Wonder Foundation

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    Help Adventures Of A Wizard TM raise funds for the Portals Of Wonder Foundation, the volunteer-driven, 501(c)3 charitable not-for-profit that has brought magic, mime, music and myth to over 10,000 children facing critical illness such as AIDS and cancer, impoverished and homeless youth, and to frail elderly -among other programs.  Sponsor a show or program today!

    “I have RARELY SEEN the amount of ENTHUSIASM and EXCITEMENT
    from the children who attended your programs.”
    –Antonio Rodriguez, Recreation Director, N.Y.C. Department of Homeless Services

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    Additional Portals Of Wonder Foundation Projects and Services

    •     Small Customized Arts Education Workshops and Therapeutic Programs
      Mini highlights from Laurice’s Adventures of a Wizard, for theaters, schools, places of worship, hospitals, homeless shelters and other non-traditional settings. Shows, arts education workshops and therapeutic programs are designed to bring hope, wonder, joy and inspiration into lives that may have lost it.Show More
    •    Sliding Scale Low Cost Life Coaching, Self Improvement, Mental Health & Social Work services on a case by case basis
    •     Speaking Appearances and Therapeutic Book Readings provided by psychotherapist and author Janice E. Williams, L.C.S.W. Please visit
    •     The Laurice Family Historic House Museum
    •     The Laurice Multi-Media Educational Research Library and Collection
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    Adventures of a Wizard and the Portals Of Wonder foundation were created and developed by world record holding escape artist, Laurice, and his creative team that includes fellow luminaries from Broadway and Hollywood, as well as other volunteers from medicine, psychotherapy, social work, education and law. The Portals Of Wonder foundation is the philanthropic arm of the Laurice family legacy, serving the New York area since 1899.

    Laurice’s message

    Disadvantaged youth, adults, elders and their families each need an inspiring message of hope, perseverance and determination anchored in nurturing community, to point a way to making their dreams reality.  Illustrating Laurice’s message and vision through breath-taking magic, daring escape artistry, humor, music and more, that include the cultural arts, social group work, and counseling for individuals and couples, his team creates, produces and delivers cultural and educational programs that often build community and deepen life’s meaning and purpose for those served. This pioneering project based upon his family tradition, encourages us to, “Follow your true voice and you will be guided to overcome all odds; Dare to do the impossible with integrity, because you deserve to live the life of your dreams, and your life will inspire others.”


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