A Christmas Carol

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Sandra Nordgren’s Critically Acclaimed Adaptation of

A Christmas Carol

“Inventive… Poetic… Magical!”

Andrès J. Wrath, Off-Off Broadway Review, Vol. Six, No. Fifteen

“Infectious Good Fun… Take the kids and enjoy…

Fantastic production!”

Martin Denton, NYTheatre.com

“Ms. Nordgren has written a little jewel … brilliantly staged.”

Bill Hickey, Academy Award Nominee for “Prizzi’s Honor”

“Every Seat Sold Out… There are over a dozen different productions of A Christmas Carol that play every year in and around NYC, but there are only two that are a must-see: Madison Square Garden/Radio City Music Hall’s production and Sandra Nordgren’s adaptation!”


A CHRISTMAS CAROL –for the entire family.

Adaptation of the Charles Dickens classic by Sandra Nordgren


Staged in 1843 with period costumes and sets, this adaptation of Charles Dickens classic novel was written for the entire family. The ghost of Jacob Marley, and the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future all teach the miser Scrooge that loving and caring for people is the most important thing in this world, not accumulating wealth and hoarding money.

They show him his past, present, and future life and how his treatment of people adversely, and often gravely, affects their lives. He comes to understand this, is truly repentant, and begins to treat all people lovingly, with great kindness and generosity of spirit. Additionally, he learns that “Every child is every man’s responsibility. He realizes if the children of today are not given love and respect, they will grow into adults who will become the downfall of humanity.”

  • Traditional Carols with Sing-a-long
  • For all ages
  • New and Original Music
  • Staged with Period Costumes and set
  • Critically acclaimed adaptation
  • Adaptation published in three languages!

Excerpted Review from Off-Off Broadway Review

by Andrès J. Wrath, Vol. Six, No. Fifteen

“…offers something fun and alive for the children as well as layers of meaning for the adults who have seen it over and over again. [Nordgren] lends a poetic quality to the familiar faces of the tale that goes deeper than usual.

Ebenezer is more than just the miser, but a man who mourns the childhood he never had. The use of the ghosts was inventive: the Ghost of Christmas Past asks the audience for help to scare Scrooge because she’s too afraid to do it alone, and the Ghost of Christmas Present is cool, with his dark shades and attitude. Further, the story is slimmed down and the theme of community is accented.

The acting was uniformly good. The 18 performers had a likable energy that drew the audience in. The standouts were the Ghost of Christmas Past, played by the enchanting Karla Chandler; the Ghost of Christmas Present, played by the buoyant Robb Patterson; Tiny Tim, played by the radiant 8-year-old Renata Mittnacht; and, of course, A Christmas Carol is nothing without Ebenezer Scrooge, who as embodied by Jonathan Valuckas displayed a surprising restraint and an honesty that was moving.

Marianna Loosemore staged this classic well in the vein of children’s theatre, yet was smart and elegant with her touches. It seemed she didn’t merely block her actors but allowed them room to create the world of the play. The musical direction by Robert Kreis was solid: although more singing on stage would always be welcome, the off-stage voices were good. The set design, by Tom Harlan, was colorful, warm, and inviting. The costumes, also by Mr. Harlan, were terrific, true to the period, and fun to watch. The lighting, by Jeff Carnell, was well done, giving the production a magical quality… terrific production. There was a sweet gentleness here…This production received the highest rating available in the following categories: Writing, Directing, Acting, Set, Costumes, Lighting and Sound.”

A Christmas Carol – adapted by Sandra Nordgren

Biographies: Playwright, Composer, Music Director


Sandra Nordgren’s critically acclaimed adaptation of “A Christmas Carol” will be receiving its 6th production in NYC at Thirteenth Street Repertory Company (TSRC). This play, produced all over the United States and abroad each holiday season is published by Brooklyn Publisher, one of the nation’s largest publishers of plays for high school students to perform. The French version was performed 2002/2003 in Switzerland at the Atelier-Theatre “Les compagnons du Coteau”. Art et Comedie, Paris-France, published a French and English version in 2001, “Un Conte de Noel”, which may be purchased through Amazon.fr. The adaptation has also been translated into German and is being translated into Spanish.

Involved in both theatre and film production since 1980, Sandra was co-founder and co-producer of The Classical Theatre Ensemble which produced plays at NYC historical landmarks, including the New York Times endorsed “Everyman” – a 500-year-old medieval morality play which was staged in the nave of the Cathedral of St. John the Divine. She also developed the New Works of Merit Playwriting Contest to bring outstanding new works of social significance to the general public. And as Literary Manager and Founding Producer of the New Works Reading Series, she produces a new reading every week at TSRC, and has produced over 30 plays, and 75 workshops and readings.

Sandra was Corporate Comptroller for major film editing and production companies and Production Auditor for CBS-TV’s “Pee-wee’s Playhouse” and the film “Who’s That Girl” starring Madonna, and other network TV specials and pilots shown on CBS-TV, ABC-TV, NBC-TV, HBO, and Showtime. Sandra is a member of the Volunteer Organizations Against Disaster (NYCVOAD) Mental Health Task Force and Spiritual Care Task Force. She is Executive Director/Executive Producer at Portals Of Wonder, a not-for-profit bringing magic, music, myth, mime, and vaudeville to critically ill children, homeless children, and youth at risk. Sandra studied creative writing at NYC’s New School, New York University, and the Writer’s Voice, and co-authored “Old Witch Blinda on Smeltzburg Hill” [with Sean Coveney]. The play is written in rhythm and rhyme, in quadrameter, and will be produced in NYC in 2004. With several screenplays making the rounds, Sandra is currently turning this adaptation of A Christmas Carol into a musical.

Composer/Music Director

Kevin Keller: In pursuit of the deeper meanings behind everyday phenomena, composer and performer Kevin Keller has created a unique body of original work that brings together acoustic and electronic instruments in a profoundly personal style. In 1994, having already composed two film scores, a ballet, and a string quartet, he released his first CD, The Mask of Memory, followed by three more CD’s: Intermezzo (1996), Pendulum (1999), and Across the Sky (2002). Keller has also created scores for planetarium shows, the Berkeley Repertory Theater, and independent film soundtracks.

2002/2003 Ticket Sales [NY venue]

Opened Wednesday December 15, 2002
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Community Outreach

Complimentary tickets are provided for volunteers, rescue amp; recovery workers, survivors, and anyone impacted by the tragedy of Sept 11. Complimentary tickets have also been provided for WTC Rescue Workers, police, and firefighters and their families, and the Federal Emergency Management Agency. The dedication of these workers and the services provided by these agencies have helped countless people as they deal with the emotional and financial consequences of 9/11. Additionally, complimentary tickets have been provided for the NYC Department of Homeless Services, Covenant House, Delancy Street Settlement, Greenwich House, Oliveri Shelter for Homeless Women, the United Nations and the U.S.O. Their heroic acts help bring closure to mourning families and help our nation heal and move forward in strength after this terrible tragedy. Over the course of these productions, nearly 600 homeless people, battered women, inner-city high school students, children in foster care with their natural parents, and inner city Girl Scouts attended the production.

Portals Of Wonder, Executive Producer