Staff Training

Portals Of Wonder’s foster care holiday program in Germany achieved an usual 100% runaway prevention success rate, and a return-to-school score of 100% in post-holiday break evaluations.
– Reported by the Social Services, Foster Care Division, German Government.

This track record, together with successful programs in New York area schools, led the Independent Living Resource Center, at Hunter College Graduate School of Social Work, to engage Portals Of Wonder to develop what became a highly praised staff training series for foster care workers. This custom-designed training series provides skills to develop stronger links between workers and their youth. This link often makes the difference in preventing youth in foster care from falling into homelessness, drugs, and despair while reinforcing academic achievement and entrepreneurial skills.

Other Portals Of Wonder’s custom-designed performance-workshop-seminars are designed to build personal and professional Self, to enhance self-worth, to help professionals discover new insights in support of their clients, to enhance purpose and meaning in their work, to heal disenfranchisement and to build community. Portals Of Wonder programs train and empower professionals who work with at-risk populations, equipping them with skills to better serve their clients. For those in social service or educational administration, workshops provide exciting staff development, motivation and communication techniques.

Workshops and seminars are customized with Portals Of Wonder’s communication and creativity techniques that are anchored in social group work methods and materials, based upon Morton Mintz’s pioneering model, Jung’s Psychology, Creativity and Social Group Work.